Promotion Mix

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  • Published: January 18, 2013
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1. Introduction

Promotion is the marketing term used to describe all marketing communications activities. Integration of all the elements of promotion mix is necessary to meet the information requirements of all target customers. This simply means that the promotion mix is not designed to satisfy only the prospective buyer or only the regular buyer. Some elements of the mix may be aimed at the target customer who is unaware of the product, while others may be aimed at potential customers who are fully aware of the product and are likely to purchase it. All the elements of the mix played their roles in bringing about the sale. The elements of the promotion mix must be coordinated and integrated so that they reinforce and complement each other to create a blend that helps in achieving the promotional objectives of the organization.

1.2 Elements of promotional mix

Personal Selling

Sales Promotion

Public Relation

• Trade Fairs and Exhibitions



Online Promotions

1.3 Factors influencing promotion mix

• The funds available for the activity
Irrespective of what the right proportions of a promotion exercise are, it is the funds available that are really crucial in determining the final promotional mix. It is only a business with the requisite financial resources that can begin and see a promotional effort through. • The nature of the market

The first market factor is the position of a product in its life cycle. The creation of primary demand, hitherto nonexistent, is the primary task during the introductory stage; therefore, a high level of promotion effort is needed to explain a new product to potential customers. • The nature of the product

In determining the promotional mix the nature of the product being offered must be assessed given that creating awareness say for a consumer product is quite a different kettle of fish compared to...
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