Promote Child and Young Person Development

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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024 Promote child and young person development
Assessment criteria

1.2a Assess a child or young person’s development in the following areas:  physical (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)
In my line of work as a carer there are different ways of assessing a young person for physical development. Each week young people in my care are given a weekly activity and menu planner in which they complete to show what activities and food they are planning through the week. The young people are encouraged to carry out the activity plan as it is a good form of exercise and helps them develop physically. The menu planner is used to monitor if the young people in my care are consuming healthy balance diet which also contributes to physical growth. Another way of assessing a young person’s physical development is through LAC reviews as this is where the physical measurements are taken and recorded. 1.2b Assess a child or young person’s development in the following areas: communication (Planned: 0 , Completed:0)

In my line of work there are different strategies we use to assess young people communication. There are house meeting held where the young people have the opportunity to express their views and communicate their feelings to staff members. All young people are treated as an individual and are all offered the same equal opportunities. We offer therapy sessions to the young people as a way assessing how they can communicate their emotional feelings. When out in public the way young people interact with the general public is constantly observed and recorded in their daily report. Whilst in school it’s a good place to assess a young person’s development in communication as they come in contact with their peers and some might be confident to speak in groups and others are confident when there are not many peers around. If a young person finds it hard to communicate it is vital to be patient and take time to understand their needs to try and help care for them. 4.2 Explain how...
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