Prolonged Pushing

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Prolonged Labor

Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Nursing Research

April 22, 2012

Research Problem and Purpose
Prolonged labor and pushing is a major complication of labor .A prolonged labor can increase the chances of instrumental deliveries and cesarean sections. This study shows that how difficult it is for the mothers to take care of their baby after a prolonged labor. Changes over to motherhood after prolonged labor can Bea distressing experience for most women. The study also shows that how important it is to support these women by the health care team .A normal labor and child birth is an exciting experience for women. Approximately 3-8% of all women in labor are affected with complications from prolonged labor .An active management of labor is recommended to reduce the duration of labor. Research objective, questions or hypotheses

This research paper is a qualitative study regarding women’s experiences after the phenomenon of prolonged labor. The purpose of this study is to evaluate women’s experience of becoming a mother after a long labor. A complicated labor with unplanned operative delivery, describes as feeling of exhaustion and loss of control, negatively influence the changeover to motherhood and hence the development of a mother’s ability to succeed in this changeover and adapt to her role as a mother.(Olin & Faxeli 2003).Healthy people 2010 objectives consist of a new maternal health measure to reduce maternal complications during hospitalized labor and delivery. The study was conducted in Northern Sweden with 10 women who had long labor. These candidates had given birth between November 2003 and April 2004.The focus group was asked about their experience of becoming a mother after a long labor. The interviews took about 50-75 minutes and were tape-recorded.

Thesis Development and Purpose

The study identified three themes and the codes categories and themes are documented. The three themes...
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