Comparison of Hospital Birthing and Alternative Birthing Options

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Comparison of Hospital Birthing and Alternative Birthing Options Taylor Davis
Drury University

Increasingly women are moving away from the traditional, unnatural child birthing option of hospital births, and embracing other options. This lead me to wonder what types of women are rejecting their parents ways of welcoming children into the world, and exploring alternative options that better suit their family. Homebirths, water births, doulas, and midwives are just a few of the options aside from a drug enduced hospital birth. Similarities and differences between these two groups of women have been identified, but overall, women just want their children to come into a safe, happy environment.

The purpose of this study was to delve into the decision making processes of mothers-to-be. The key was to identify groups that embodied the undisputed most important decision an expectant mother can make: how the child will be welcomed into the world. The two groups identified for the assessments are the Traditional Hospital Birthing Group (Group A) and the Alternative Birthing Group (Group B). The goal of the study was not to reveal which option is best, but to uncover the mother’s overall personality characteristics, and to show that with becoming a parent, many difficult decisions are yet to come. Few research projects have been conducted in the context of the mother’s personality traits. Most of the projects have simply gone over the obvious factors which are the biographical data.

This study will show that participants who choose alternative birthing options will score higher on the Myer’s Life Satisfaction Scale than participants in the Traditional Hospital Birthing Options Group. It will also indicate that participants in the Alternative Birthing Options Group will have greater optimism (based on the Optimism/Pessimism...
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