Project Resource and Task List

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Project Task & Resource List
Reggie Brazzell
May 27,2012
Jim Kupferer

Project Task & Resource List
TO: All Management
FROM: Human Resources
DATE: May 27, 2013
SUBJECT: Two day off site training
Assessment Planning
Global Tech is planning a 2-day training session off site, for management at every located branch across the country. The plan is to get staff familiar with how to use the new management tool systems available for the company while it is in the last phase of implementation. When it comes to training projects, many factors have to be considered in order to complete the assigned tasks effectively. First, determining the needs of the audience regarding their responsibilities in the project as well as what jobs they will perform. Assumptions and other predictions will also have to be determined before final documentation and client approval for the projects initiation. A design document will be developed in this process as well. Based on the needs of the audience, budget, resources, and timeline, this document will define the delivery format of the project before the initiation phase. For this particular project, the design document will include: * Training product creating preparation

* Training plans discussed through meetings with experts.

* procurement of new trainers
* trainer modifications
* trainer relocations (moves)
* software only (size and cost) (Navair, 2008)

A cost estimating tool will be used to calculate cost for:

* labor
* material
* travel
* overhead rates
* interim support (Navair, 2008)
Staff will stay for three days in Columbus, Oh, but train for two days until their required 30 hours are complete, and their performance is evaluated. The training will start a week before the final implementation phase of the new system, and will be complete on schedule for the new system testing. That will be the opportunity to see the results...
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