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Topic: Various types of projects in India

Question: Find out various types of projects in India?


Types of Projects in India

A chemical engineering project is broadly classified into two types i.e. Greenfield projects and Add-on projects.

1. Greenfield Projects (Grassroots Projects)-

In above type of project a plant is constructed from initial stage to final stage i.e. the initial stage start from the purchase of land to final stage of commissioning is call as Greenfield projects.

Example of green field project- such as Reliance India Limited, Jamnagar

The Jamnagar Refinery is a private sector crude oil refinery owned by Reliance Industries in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. The refinery was commissioned on July 14, 1999 with an installed capacity of 668,000 barrels per day (106,200 m3/d). It is currently the largest refinery in the world. It comprises of a petroleum refinery and associated petrochemical plants. The refinery is equipped to refine various types of crude oil (sour crude, sweet crude or a mixture of both) and manufactures various grades of fuel from motor gasoline to Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF). The petrochemicals plants produce plastics and fibre intermediates.

It is situated on the northwest coast of India, the integrated refinery-cum petrochemicals complex is located at Motikhavdi, Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar District, in the state of Gujarat. It is in proximity to the Gulf of Kutch, a sheltered bay close to the Middle-East crude oil sources. The location of RIL's refinery on the west coast of India supported by world-class logistics and port facilities provides the Company with freight advantages. Most of the crude imported is transported on Very Large Crude Carriers ("VLCC").

The project is of titanic proportion and has taken, for its completion, millions of engineering man-hours spread over many international engineering offices; thousands of tonnes in equipment and material, procured from leading suppliers across the globe; highly advanced construction equipment of unbelievable sizes; construction workforce of over 75,000 working round the clock for months; a great number of innovative techniques in project execution; and project management expertise of Reliance acquired over the past several years.

With a Complexity Index of 11.3 (as defined by the Nelson Complexity Index) RIL's refinery at Jamnagar is able to process heavy and sour crude oils to produce high value products. This allows the Company to benefit from the lower input cost compared to light crude oils. The refinery has operated at near 100% utilization with minimal downtime, consistently outperforming the average utilization rates of refineries in the Asia Pacific region, the European Union and North America, as reported by PEL Market Services, Biannual Refining Report, July 2005. With a Complexity Index of 11.3 (as defined by the Nelson Complexity Index), the refinery has achieved Gross Refining Margins ("GRMs") that are consistently higher than the benchmark Singapore complex margins. In addition to the operating efficiencies achieved by this refinery, it is also differentiated from other global refineries in terms of its ability to take advantage of the light/heavy crude price differential.

All process units in the Jamnagar Manufacturing Division, the largest grass-roots refinery complex in the world, are of world-scale sizes. In fact, some of the process units are the largest operating units in the world. A few examples are:

• Delayed Coking unit

• Fluidised Catalytic Cracking unit

• TAME (Tertiary Amyl Methyl Ether) unit

• The new SEZ refinery

The existing refinery complex at Jamnagar has more than 50 process units, which together process the basic feedstock, crude oil, to obtain various finished...
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