Project Proposal of a Canteen

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Harare polytechnic is a large well known institution with a total student population of 5000 and staff compliment of 500 which make it possible huge market for some goods and services. Due to its potential market, we have generated the idea of providing food and beverages through the canteen.


Name of the company :Talma foods

Business address : 12242 sulfork road, Avondale

Telephone : 0712370149

Fax : 27200

Name of business owners:

(1) Chinomona Tatenda

12242 Suffolk Road Avondale

(2) Banda Thelma

412 Greenwood Park

Mission statement / aim

To provide quality and guaranteed service our customers avoiding come- back products

Vision of the company

To became the best ever and reliable food and beverage supplier within the proximity. We also want to maximise profit within the short period of time

Benefits to the economy

The community will get employment in different occupations such as security guards, cooks etc.

Organisation of the business

Since the business is the small entity, few individuals are involved in the organisation and at the same time, the directors will perform most of the managerial duties

Directors (owners)

Supervisors/ manager


Duties and responsibilities

The directors (owners)

They do policy formulation and implementation. The owners also plan for the company as well as carrying the human resources management

Manager / supervisor

The manager manages daily to day business operations. The manager reports to the directors on any issue that needs urgent attention. The supervisor also organise necessary meetings


It’s a partnership business we are venturing, which is new without any current activity in operation. This partnership owned business is to create large capital base and to share expertise in business through various ideology. The objective is to provide quality products to our customers and as the same time making profit.


The canteen is going to offer wide range of products and quality services to our customers. We also offer breakfast, lunch and supper to the satisfy the customers, unique food will be well packed with the package carrying a distinguitive logo and since the institution is of different cultures, special quality meals for various groups will be entertained. We try to meet needs every group of people being cultural, generation etc.

The market

The students and lectures and visitors of the Harare polytechnic comprise the major target group. The market will be informed through the use of fliers and posters on the notice boards of their department. Since a targeted market of 80% is expected in; 6 Months, total quality and distinctive products will be offered at t low prices to survive in the existing competition. For instance sadza is going for $1,50 at the catering division, to eliminate competition quality and well-cooked sadza will be going for $1 to attract large market. The producer to final consumer is the channel in use since this is a food industry.


Since there is existing internal competition, we are going to offer wide range of better services, faster and cheaper to reduce completion as well as to attract large market share. This is temporary window to protect our position as well as gain market share. through the competitor`s business are currently steady the competition is not stiff. Since their advertising strategy is not vibrant, that is they offer little consumer choice of products

Competitor name sales market share nature of competition

Internal vendors $1000 60%...
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