Project Proposal

Topics: Cebu City, Running, Education Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Project Proposal|
Title| Webmaster Jogathon |
Organization| University of Cebu- Junior Jaycees Inc. |
Date| June 30, 2013 |
Purpose| 1. WELCOME- BACK EVENT 2. A Jogathon can build school spirit, increases participation, raises school pride, and is a fabulous, fun whole-school event. 3. The PE teacher can have the opportunity to prepare students for the event by teaching the importance of warm-up exercises, how to pace themselves as they run, and proper running technique. 4. Fun run is typically a whole-school project, so every student participates regardless of financial commitment. 5. The anticipation and excitement can spread through the whole school, and classrooms can develop camaraderie when they view themselves as a team. | Coordinate with | 1. Cebu City Officer for the Road 2. Barangay Tanod for the security of the students3. UC- Nursing Students for the first aid| Volunteers| School Organization| Oraganizations from any Course (JFinex, Cml and etc.)| Participants| UC Students| Students from University of Cebu especially whose taking the P.E. subject. | Registration Fee| Meters| Regular Fee| Barkada Discount (5 person)| | 5K| P 100.00| P 80.00|

| 10K| P 150.00| P 130.00|
| 21K| P 200.00| P 180.00|
Wear | Comfortable athletic attire and P.E. Uniform for the uniformity and Identification of each students as a webmaster student. | Place| Barangay St. Nino, Cebu City – SRP Talisay Cebu Cty| Target Duration| 3 hours 5:00 AM- 7:00 AM |

Budget| Planned Budget DetailsWater P3,000.00Paper Works P1,000.00Posters or Tarpaulins P 500.00Prices P5,000.00Others...
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