Research Project Proposal

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  • Published : July 9, 2011
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Research project proposal
The first thing that entered my mind when I hear ‘area of interest’ is photography. I love photography because it allows me to capture a moment in time. Any work relating to photography will help me learn new things, gain new skills and experience, and I want to learn as much as I can. I want to teach others about photography in a ‘step by step guide’. I want to cover one area of photography, and I have came to the conclusion it I will create a ‘How to take a good photo’ booklet. That area would cover most basic aspects of photography like camera, lens, tripod use, rule of thirds, lighting etc. My final product will be a How to take a good photograph. I will design and write all elements of the book, and cover aspects such as cameras, lenses, tripod use, lighting, rule of thirds, and shutter speed for various events. This will be either a hardcopy, or an E-book. The capability and skills areas my interest falls into are Learning and Citizenship. Citizenship I feel covers my interest because a booklet allows others to learn about photography. My mentors and support interactions will be Mr Mardell and Fiona Anstrad. Mr Mardell is the digital photography teacher and I will be in his class for year 12, which will allow me to communicate regularly about any issues I have regarding the project. Fiona Anstrad is a professional photographer; she is an excellent photographer and is an inspiration to me. I think they are both great mentors for my project. I will also be able to use other sources for information such as the internet. Information will be easily accessible, and I will include a thorough ‘thankyou’ part to my book for those who will help me produce it.

Table 1
My timeline of my plan will start in week 1 term 1 2011, and finish roughly in week 4 or 5 in term 2 2011. I plan to keep to this timeline and really dedicate a lot of time to my Research Project.

Start: research information regarding the topics I will cover ie...
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