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Topics: Technology, Information technology, Factor analysis Pages: 92 (27361 words) Published: February 28, 2013
A Study of the Important Factors for Upgradation or Adoption of New Technology

Kanza Bushra
Roll No. MB-09-21
Session 2009-2010

Liaqat Javed

Institute of Management Sciences
Bahauddin Zakariya University

Institute of Management Sciences,
Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


I, Kanza Bushra Roll No. MB2-09-21 Registration No. 2005-bzba-158 A student of IMS MBA (II) Program in B.Z. University, solemnly declare that my Project Report entitled A Study of the Important Factors for Upgradation or Adoption of New Technology Is my own work and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it contains no material previously published or written by another person. This report is not submitted already and shall not be submitted in future for obtaining a degree from same or another University or Institution. If it is found to be copied/plagiarized at later stage of any student enrolled in the same or any other university, I shall be liable to face legal action before Unfair Mean committee (UMC), as per BZU/HEC Rules and Regulations, and I understand that if I am found guilty, my degree will be cancelled.


Name: Kanza Bushra
Program: MBA (II)


The project report entitled “A Study of the Important Factors for Upgradation or Adoption of New Technology”, at IMS-BZU MBA (II) / MS conducted by Kanza Bushra Roll No. MB2-09-21 Registration no. 2005-bzba-158 Session 2009-2010 has been completed under my guidance and I am satisfied with the quality of student’s research work.

Name Liaqat Javed
Date: _________________


This research is about the identifying the factors that drives the manufacturing organizations in Pakistan towards technology upgradation. There are many factors that involve or influence the organizations in their technology upgradation or adoption decisions. Those factors are of organizational factors, production factors, cost factors and IT factors. First we have given the brief introduction of the topic that contains all the background and definition of the factors, their history and then identified the problem statement. After that we mentioned all research work that already had been done by different researchers. That literature helps to define the area of our problem and provide secondary data for or research. After that we defined the method, resources and whole design of the research by which we conducted this research. In the next phase we analyzed all the data, applied tests for hypotheses and explained all the results that come from this research and interpreted those results. The last phase is of findings and conclusion of the research, in which I explained the outcomes of the research and identified the factors that involved in technology upgradation or adoption process. The last part of the report findings explains the factors and give the findings about accepted or rejected hypotheses.


First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving me the strength and health to do this project work until it done. Then special thank goes to my helpful supervisor, Mr. Liaqat Javed. The supervision and support that he gave truly help the progression and smoothness of this thesis. The co-operation is much indeed appreciated. Not forgotten to my family for providing support and everything to complete this project and their advice, which is the most needed for this project. Last but not least, my friends who were doing this project with me and sharing our ideas. They were helpful that when we combined and discussed together, we had this task done.


Dedicated to all those who helped me and encouraged me even with single word, and to those, without whom I m nothing.

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