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Topics: Jamestown Settlement, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Americas Pages: 4 (650 words) Published: August 5, 2012
DL_HIST 1301


Thinking Through the Past: “Truth About Textbooks”

|Instructions: Read chapter one in the Holitz reader, then answer the following questions with these objectives in mind: | |This assignment requires students read effectively, analytically, and with comprehension and communicate appropriate comprehension and skill | |development using college-level writing. | |Students will gain insight into the existence of political systems and the variations of ideology among indigenous peoples before—and | |during—the colonial period. | |Students will also be able to describe the role of Europe in the “discovery,” exploration, and early colonization of America, as well as | |evaluate the impact of the Columbian exchange of microbes and plants, and their environmental consequences in America. | |Students will analyze and evaluate differences in historical interpretation, developing awareness of the historians obligation to question | |traditional schools of thought (scholarly beliefs) and learning that historical interpretation changes over time. |

1. Vocabulary

a. Powhatan: An Indian chief that aided the Jamestown settlers in 1607 by providing them food. Viewed John Smith and the English as an ally, using them to try to extend his rule over dozen of tribes.

b. John Smith: Captain of Jamestown settlers (veteran of war in Europe), believed Powhatan was a great man, but then understood he had alterior motives, started to burn the Indian villages for more food. Smith was known to be very strict and very picky about detail.

c. ethnocentrism: comparing and judging other...
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