The Historical Investigation

Topics: Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 69 (18929 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Teacher Support Material

Internal Assessment


For first examinations in 2003

Diploma Programme HISTORY Internal Assessment Teacher Support Material

For first examinations in 2003

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Introduction The Historical Investigation: Guidance for Teachers Frequently Asked Questions The Historical Investigation: Guidance for Students The Written Account Outlines for the Historical Investigation 1. An investigation into social history 2. An investigation of an event represented in newspaper reports

1 2 3 4 5 7
7 8

3. An investigation comparing a film and a written account of a historical event 9 4. An investigation into local history 10

The Historical Investigation: Assessed Examples
Example 1: How significant was Fidel Castro’s role in the Missile Crisis of 1962?


Example 2: To what extent do the film, The Charge of the Light Brigade, and the book, The Charge: The Real Reason Why the Light Brigade Was Lost, agree on the apportioning of blame for the failure of the charge of the Light Brigade? 21 Example 3: To what extent was the involvement of the United States government and the CIA responsible for the downfall of Salvador Allende? Example 4: What were the real motives for the different views held by Churchill and Chamberlain during the years previous to World War II? Example 5: The Women’s Army Corps during World War II 30 42 59


This teacher support material has been prepared by senior examiners and practising teachers of Diploma Programme (DP) history. It should be read in conjunction with the DP History guide (published February 2001 for first examinations in 2003). The detailed requirements for the internally assessed components, and the internal assessment criteria, are given in the “Assessment Details” section of the guide. In brief, the requirements for internal assessment for the history course (first examinations in 2003) are that: • the student undertakes a historical investigation of his or her choice • the emphasis is on a specific historical inquiry under the guidance of a teacher • the student applies the skills of the historian to the investigation. The historical investigation is assessed against six criteria that are related to the objectives of the history course.

The purpose of this document
This teacher support material has been developed: • to provide further clarification of the nature...
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