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Perfection without much stress is now required in our present situation and yet the current ways of students’ registration, examination and keeping other records such as financial records are partly paper based this renders the whole process cumbersome and inefficient and can lead to such problems as loss of data or unavailability of data when needed. From the information collected through oral interview, questionnaires, observation written literature and journals it was found that paper based means of keeping students records is widely used. This project has therefore come up with an automated computerized system, which will help make the whole process much easier and more efficient. the principal aspect in this project is to develop a system which will aid in the process of students registration, the generation of the students academics and financial reports and store students records efficiently and reduce errors during processing so as to match the needs of growing numbers in schools using available technologies and software. Introduction

Research history
School management has always been paper based with everything done manually and filled out on pen and paper. and files stored out in cabinets and shelves Thes storage of students record be it financial or examinations or registration details has been largely manual rendering it cumbersome and leading to a lot of loss of data and wastage of storage space that would oherwise be used for other purposes. There are around 25,000 matatus (minibuses), which constitute the bulk of the country's public transport system hence the need for a passenger transport management system which

Pilot Project

The School Management System is very useful for the administrators and students. This avoids the overheads for the administrators. They can minimize the time used for filing and the time used to search and retrieve student records (academic or financial) documents related to the bus, employees and the passengers as a softcopy. The advantage of the school transport management system is the reduction in the cost of the office equipment, staff needed, storage space and the retreival and manipulation of data is done quickly. The system has several advantages

User friendly interface
Fast access to database
Low errors
More Storage Capacity
Space Saving
Faster Document processing

2.2 Problem statement
Due to the rise in population public means of transport has increased significantly especially by means of road prompting for a more efficient mean of saving records, Today leading bus companys(sitation) are still trading in spreadsheets and paper records for the management of their information in order to better manage their trade. This has often led to data redundancy whereby data recorded lacks consistency without any central access point. Time management too has proved to be a challenge with the old system. This is due to the fact that bus operators have to take lots of their time visiting the records to know which seat is empty, If a passenger has a problem they are unable to determine who served him/her. Slow transactions have been reported because all the jobs of the bus route management is done manually. Passengers dissatisfaction has been recorded in the old system due to the slow pace of service and even some passengers having to board already full vehicles by the road side thus risking their lives. The passenger transport management system therefore, will handle the problems above in the following ways: •There will be electronic keeping of records in a database hence less or even complete elimination of paper-based work. •The operators won’t have to manually write down the receipt hence time and resources are saved. •Passengers satisfaction will improve immensely due to faster transaction offered by this system. •The Manager and Supervisor will be able to know who exactly...
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