Project and Team Members

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CASE STUDY 1.1 - MegaTech, Inc.

1. The elements of the marketplace in which MegaTech operates led the firm to believe that project management would improve its operations are the customer-focused which are a small but loyal of customers, and a relatively predictable environment.

2.MegaTech offers a competitive advantage in its industry which is they maintain its internal operating efficiencies. All project teams were given strict cost and schedule guidelines for new product introductions. They create a sophisticated research and development team, which is responsible for locating likely new avenues for technological change 5 to 10 years down the road.

CASE STUDY 1.2 - The IT Department at Hamelin Hospital

1.The potential problems and advantages with acquiring project team members to be involved in multiple projects at the same time :
Problems :
i.Increase the workload.
ii.The level of quality may become lower.
iii.The performance may decrease.
Advantages :
i.Help establish the bond between the team members.
ii.The team members may have familiar with the system.
iii.The cost to hire the new staff can avoid.
iv.Increase the experience among team members on many projects.

2.The benefits and drawbacks of starting most new hires at the help desk function : Benefits :
* They can become more familiar with the system because the help desk technicians field queries from computer system users and solve a wide range of problems. * Increase understanding on how the IT department affects all the hospital operations. * Can learn and gain experience on how to solve the problems on the systems.

Drawback :
They might not having an experience dealing with customers and not really alert about the company’s objective in serve with customers.

3. Additional determinant of the project success is the project management system in Hamelin is well regarded. It has spearheaded a tremendous expansion of the hospital’s IT...
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