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Codes of Ethis on the case of Mr. E

Professional Roles and Values

Western Governor University

State Regulations and Nursing Standards
Nursing, as other medical profession, aims at helping and saving the life of other. As much as nurses and physician wants to intervene to prolong a patient life, it’s important to consider patient’s wishes. Ethically, intubating Mr.E without proper discussion and consideration of his wishes is against his living will. It’s a violation of Provision I of ANA Code of Ethics in respecting patient’s dignity. The nurse also fail to meet the Standards of Competent Performance based on California Code of Regulation, Article 4, code 1443.5, which stated “ [nurses] acts as the client’s advocate, as circumstances require, by initiating action to improve health care or to change decisions or activities which are against the interests or wishes of the client […]” (p.70)

According to code 2.1 “Primacy of patient’s interest” from American Nurses Association, it’s the nurse’s commitment to respect the uniqueness of each patient, and respect patient’s wishes. Therefore, the nurse is responsible to seek for a solution if patient’s wishes are conflict with others (p.5). Based on the above codes, the nurse in the scenario must inform Mr.Y about Mr.E’s wish. The nurse also need to assess Mr.Y understanding of risk and benefit of the procedure, so he would have all the neccesary information to make decision. Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was developed by the American Nurses Association as a framework for ethical guideline. The work serves as a standard in assisting nurses making ethical decision. According to the ANA Code of Ethics,(2001), provision I stated that nurses must treat patient with compassion and respect the patient’s dignity, worth, and uniqueness, regardless of social and economical status, nature of health problem, and person’s attributes (p.1). In specific, the interpretive statement 1.4, in which...
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