Professional Article Argumentative Essay

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Kim Aldridge
LIT 321 Children’s Literature and Drama
Professional Article Argumentative Essay
Baker College Allen Park

As an educator part of my role is to continuing researching my craft, which requires me to read the latest findings in the educational field and trying some of them findings in m classroom. This will help me research what inspires children as well as assists them in retaining the required knowledge. After reading the three selections provided, I believe that using drama to teach is a dynamic, powerful effective teaching tool.

In the passage by McMaster it stated that “Drama activities encourage the affective aspects of reading and emergent literacy, accomplishing this within a valuable social context”. I totally agree with this statement because drama begins with communication and provides many opportunities for social interactions. The subjects that drama might enhance in my teachings are reading, decoding, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and many other important developing areas.

The pre-school activities by Endris and Bridgette I found to be suitable for my classroom is great. This first is by Endris, Favorite Game #1: Prop in Bag. I found that this game could be plenty of fun, it’s open-ended and it gives the children the opportunity to use their imagination. This is a drama like game that helps build on something children do naturally—pretending. The second pre-school activity is by Bridgett, which is called “Presents”. I really like this game activity because the children are using their imaginations as well for this and it’s open-ended and it seems very fun and exciting to see what pretend gifts the children come up with.

The activity that I found to be too complicated for pre-school is “Right and Wrong Names for Objects”. This activity consist of pointing to objects and saying it correct name , then after that have them to the opposite: point to each object and call it anything thing other then what it is. I found that...
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