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OMGT 1070
Procurement Management and Global Sourcing

Procurement Research Paper- Assignment #2

Lecturer: Dr. Shahadat Khan
Tutorial: Thursday 4.30 – 5.30pm

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Holly-Anne Visser
Julius Danielczak
Mohammad Othman
Rakesh Pathania

Due: 04/10/2012
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Table of Contents
Abstract. 3
1.0 Introduction. 4
2.0 Comparative Analysis. 4
2.1 Literature Review.. 4
2.2 Methodology used for Research. 4
2.3 Findings and Conclusion of the studies. 5
3.0 Implications of the above studies to selected cases. 5 3.1 (insert case study Name) Rakesh. 5
3.2 (insert case study name)Julius. 5
3.3 (insert case study name) Moh. 5
3.4 (insert case study name) Holly. 5
4.0 Implications of the above studies in all organisations in Assignment #1. 5 5.0 Conclusion. 5
6.0 Bibliography. 5


In order for organisations to fully benefit from the procurement functions, supplier research is recommended so that key capabilities and mostly financial health of the supply base can be identified and added to the competitive advantage of the organisation over shadowing rival firms. This report explores and contrasts four research articles and case studies relating to four small businesses; 1. Shoe retailer

2. Local delicatessen
3. Computer systems and parts retailer
4. Retailer of gifts, toys and home accessories

The report instigates by comparing four research articles, highlighting their findings and objectives by comparing them against one another. The next discussion is a comparative analysis of four case studies from the textbook “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – Fourth Edition”.

Lastly the report is further extended to explore its implications on four case studies and research articles to the small businesses selected in our previous assignment. A comparison is undertaken with some discussion on how each business could benefit from the strategies and concepts explored in each of the articles and case studies.

1.0 Introduction
Procurement and purchasing decisions are no long uncomplicated business decisions, procurement is now a complex series of strategic decisions that add value to the business and gauge organisational performance (Pressey, Tzokas & Winklhofer 2007). This report contains a comparative analysis in terms of procurement for four small businesses located within Melbourne. The comparative analysis undertaken involves four published research articles relating to supplier relationships in view of the literature, methodology and findings. The paper goes further to discover the associations on four case studies along with the impact the research can have on the four small businesses selected in our previous assignment.

2.0 Comparative Analysis
2.1Literature Review
The assessment of firms adopting tactical procuring through certain examination point out challenging supplier relationships within the supply (Pressey, Tzokas and Winklhofer 2007). To overcome these challenging supplier relationships, Pressey, Tzokas and Winklhofer (2007) recommend the use of the seven classifications of assessing “problematic” key supplier relationships; 1. Strategic

2. Operational
3. Financial
4. Alternative supplier
5. Organizational
6. Relational
7. Environmental attributes
These classifications allow an organisation to report high levels of strategic procurement compared to those with lower levels. The probable benefits for the organisation by applying the seven classification framework discussed by Pressey, Tzokas and Winklhofer (2007) are the ability to anticipate measures such as re-evaluating sub-standard connections and also being able to select to replace them with very minimal harm to the organisations reputation. With all the assessment...
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