Processed Foods

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Biology 102
Lab Section 13
19 February 2013
Processed Foods
What's wrong with the modern American diet? Is American society heading towards a future filled with obesity, heart problems and an unhealthy youth? When processed foods account for about 70 percent of American caloric intake, ( Rehm) it definitely begs the question of whether these types of foods are helping or hindering our society. These two articles written by the New York Times discuss in greater detail the ins and outs of how processed foods are effecting The US population.

The first article I chose to use as a source is called "Factory Food", it discusses the vast amount of processed foods used in America, and also contrasts Americans use with that of other countries. The article blames our nutritional problems on several factors. First of all, the habitual eating habit that most Americans follow is "grazing" meaning that the average American spends most time snacking rather than eating full, nutritious meals. Secondly, Americans have become very accustomed to frozen foods, and ordering out for meals. Eating pizzas and microwave meals does not support a nutritious diet. These foods are highly profitable and therefore readily made available by many producers to the average American consumer looking for a quick meal.

The second article that I'm using is called, "How the Food Industry Eats Your Kid’s Lunch". This article discusses the relationship between the processed food industry and the Public schools in the United States. The school food industry has become a gigantic and lucrative business for anyone with the money and will to get involved. The school lunch program is nationally funded, and unfortunately it would be considered by most to be too costly to buy quality foods for all the public schools in the United States. Although the partnership between schools, food companies and the federal government has given many kids who couldn't otherwise afford a mid...
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