American Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Fat Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: February 7, 2011
The Average American Diet
America today is in the middle of a nutritional crisis. Throughout the country, the obesity epidemic has struck every population demographic. According to recent projections made by the United States Government, 63.9 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. That is over half of the population! What exactly is the culprit behind this crisis? How can someone fix this issue? The answers lie in the average American Diet. The diet consumed by Americans is one of, if not the worst diet in terms of saturated fat, trans fats, lack of carbohydrates, over consumption of protein, and overall malnutrition. Recommended Dietary Allowances adopted by nutritionists around the globe and countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia tell us that the American diet fails to come even close to proper nutritional consumption. However, the problem with the American diet is actually easily fixable if people start making smart, informed choices about their food. By properly educating the general public about nutrition and health, the obesity epidemic can be controlled and cured, leaving America with happier, healthier citizens. In order to understand why obesity is so prevalent in America today, the average diet of American citizens must be taken into account. According to data provided by The United States Department of Agriculture, Americans today consume too much red meat and sugar and too little vegetables and carbohydrates (grains). Because we consume so much red meat, which is high in saturated fat, calories and cholesterol, our diets are inherently riddled with fat and calories. Our sugar consumption also is a glaring issue. By consuming far more simple carbohydrates than we need from sugar, Americans are providing themselves with empty calories that spike blood glucose. This is compounded with the fact that the average American diet lacks proper consumption of complex carbohydrates, which come from whole grains and wheat...
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