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Elisha best
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25 January 2013
Process Essay
Bake a Cake
My grandma made the best cakes. She was the best cook at making chocolate cakes. She knew the basic steps by heart so much she never left out any ingredients. If you hope to make a delicious chocolate cake to impress everyone at special event, you should prepare your pan, combine the ingredients together, and monitor the baking process.

The first step is important; make sure you have all the ingredients. You do not want to be running to the grocery store during preparation. The final product can flop if a key ingredient is left out. Start by prepare your cake pan. Be sure to have the correct size or shape of the pan. Bundt cakes require Bundt pans, while others can be baked in a variety sizes. You can also refer to a cake pan size table. Make sure you put grease in the pan, you want to avoid sticking. Use about a half of tablespoon of butter or vegetable oil shortening on a paper towel and rub the inside of the pan. Sprinkle about a tablespoon or two of flour on top. Flour the pan on the sides to help the cake adhere to the sides as the cake bakes. The flour will ensure that the top is flatter, which is important for layered cakes. Shake and dump out any excess flour and set the pan to the side.

After preparing the pan the next step is have all ingredients at room temperature. The key ingredients such as flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and water are typically stored at room temperature, while others such as butter, milk, needs to be cold. Double check the recipe concerning eggs, while many box cakes request cold, other recipes such as cheesecakes require eggs to be at room temperature. This is to avoid any curdling and affecting the cake texture. Measure ingredients as accurately as possible and add them in the specified. Begin combing dry ingredients such as flour, baking powder, and coca, etc. then add wet ingredients such as eggs, oil, and milk. Be sure to take special...
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