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Do you have a friend that never studies for tests, yet he always seems to do well and aces them? It’s probably because he has good study habits. To improve your study habits you must first realize what your distractions are and eliminate them. Second, you must choose a good, quiet place to study without interruptions. Lastly, you should write down the material several times as it is a strategy proven to help memorize and learn the material. These steps will help you do better in school and have great opportunities in the future. The first step to having better study habits is probably the hardest one for most people: Acceptance. People refuse to think that talking on the phone while you study or having the radio on with songs that you know and love jeopardizes your material retention. The first step consists of you eliminating all of those negative factors so you can concentrate on your study session. Turning off your phone, logging out of your Facebook, Twitter and any other social media accounts, and concentrating on your goal are ways that you can use to be more efficient in your learning. These are usually the things that distract us the most so it’s important that you deal with them in order to focus and eventually succeed academically. But personal distractions aren’t always the things that keep us from our studies. The second step will teach you how to cancel out any outside interference.

To ensure that you don’t get constantly interrupted with noise, questions and conversation with friends or family, you must choose a place where you can study quietly and alone. When you’re at home, family members usually don’t know what you’re doing and are unaware that they are interrupting your study time. In order to avoid this you can go to your room or the house office and study quietly and isolated. Chores and tasks around the house must come second in your list of priorities after studying. This will help you focus more and finish faster. The fewer...
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