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Topics: Adolescence, Young adult, My Chemical Romance Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: November 28, 2010
14 October 2010
Sneaking Out
Most teenagers know that sneaking out is key when it comes to the end of the week especially since parents are getting stricter and grounding a lot more. On the weekends, teenagers hang loose, party, relax, and just try to have fun, unfortunately, most parents do not understand. Teenager’s number one goal is to not get caught, therefore hey put a lot of thought in to this process. Even though most of the time teens do get caught in the act, every teenager should know at least one way of sneaking out of the house. Every teenager should know at least one way of sneaking out of the house. Teens put a lot of thought in to sneaking out, they must consider their area situation, disciese themselves, take chances, and be prepared. Most importantly is sneaking back in.

As teens put a lot of thought into sneaking out, their number one goal is to not get caught. First, the teen needs to have an emergency excuse ready, in case the teen does get caught. Second, they must remember what time they’re parents usually go to bed, or if they have to stay up late to finish some paperwork etc. Teenagers should remember two important things before sneaking out. One, they need to stuff soft, bulky items, such as stuffed animals, clothes, etc., under their covers to show that the teen is safe and sound in bed. Two, if they do sneak out at night and leave a door or window unlocked, you leave they’re parents home vulnerable to a home-invasion robbery/break-in. The lives of they’re family could be in jeopardy. Anyway, let’s say they’re parents are sound asleep. The first step would be figuring out how the teenager would get out of their room.

An important factor in getting out of the room would be where the room even is, whether it’s downstairs, upstairs or on the main floor. If the room is upstairs, you either would go out the window with a roof, or a tree to climb down. They could also go down the stairs and to one of the doors. It’s...
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