Rebuttal Argument

Topics: English-language films, Adolescence, 2004 albums Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Rasheed McLain
Dr. Maria Orban
English 120
October 8, 2012
Dear Rasheed McLain,
How many kids do you really believe want a curfew and actually will abide by all the rules given by their parents. I really believe it would not be a good idea. First of all a lot of kids would be bored coming in early. Secondly, a lot of kids would be so bored and sneak out and get in trouble for being out after their set curfew. Thirdly, kids summer would not be enjoyed to the fullest because their days are set by curfews.

Boredom, a common thing in this generations' ids and teens. If a kid say they are bored something needs to be done so that they do not find something to do themselves. Most times kids find things to do themselves not knowing whether something is right or wrong, therefore getting them into trouble. Setting a curfew will keep a kid couped up in the room and decide they wanna try to play a game that is meant for outside. Well the problem with that is that the kid is on the inside. So by them playing in the house they will either hurt themselves on some furniture or break something inside the house if not both. Some parents like to set curfews but they may still be at work. So the kids will try to clock their parents and figure out what time they get home so that they will be home before their parents do. That being said some kids would get into trouble cause their parents might be coming home early. So there are any flaws to a curfew, but people do not sit down and figure out what they are.

Sneaking out is one of the biggest things with this generation. Kids and teens believe they can out smart their parents, therefore they will try and devise a plan to sneak out of the house. As said by an anonymous user on “Curfews wont help because teenagers will find another way, like when I was younger I always had a curfew but I remember always trying to find a way to sneek out so I could hang out with my friends. So in my opinion curfews don't help because...
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