Process Essay

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Process Essay
Learning Outcomes for this Unit:
Rhetorical focus:
Describing steps in a process
Pattern of organization and process

Language focus:
Giving advice


wander off

do’s and don’ts

run into






Vocabulary Context
1 It is important not to ______________ in some parts of Cambodia, land mines are still a problem. 2 Everyone ___________ wildly at the end of the Prime Ministers speech. 3 I __________________ an old friend at Soriya at the weekend. 4 The doctors want to _____________ my blood.

5 During the economic downturn, car manufacturers found it difficult to ______________ buyers. 6 Some people say I ________________ my father.
7 Some animals have very unusual ways of trying to ______________ a mate. 8 Part of the __________ of learning a new language is memorizing new vocabulary. 9 Many Asian women use _____________ to make their skin whiter. 10 Every evening I __________ my trousers in my wardrobe.

11 The government had to _____________ the environmental impact of filling in Boueng Kok. 1

Do's and Don'ts with Bears
Discuss these questions.
Do you like to walk in the woods? Are there wild animals in the woods in Cambodia? Are they dangerous?

Read the leaflet on the following page to find out about what to do if you see a bear.
After you read

Write T for true or F for false for each statement.
_F_ 1. Bears often attack cars.
__ 2. If a bear attacks you, you should run.
__ 3. Bears attack when they feel threatened.
__ 4. Bears are great tree climbers.
__ 5. Garbage attracts bears because they think it is food.
__ 6. Bears are slow and weak.



Do's and Don'ts with Bears


bout 250 black bears live in Black
Bear Mountain Park. If you run into
a bear in the park, it is important to know
what to do.

Talk loudly, sing, or clap as you walk
through the woods. Bears don't like
surprises. Singing or clapping will probably
frighten the bears off before you even see
Don't hike through the woods at night.
Bears are most active at nighttime.

Do not climb a tree to get away from a
bear. Bears are great tree climbers!

~ If you are in a car and see a bear, stay
inside. Close the windows. Most bears
will not attack a car, so you are safest
inside. Don't get out to take a photograph.
If you are outside and see a bear, stay
calm. Stand still and don't run. Slowly
move backward. Bears are nervous
They are more likely to attack you if they
feel threatened.
If a bear attacks you, don't fight. Lie still
and be quiet. Maybe the bear will lose
interest and wander off.

Do not keep food or cosmetics in your
tent. Put them in a bag and hang them in
a tree that is at least 100 yards from your
tent. Bears like anything that resembles
food. Remove food, cosmetics, and
toothpaste from your tent so you won't
attract their attention.
Burn food waste. Bears cannot tell the
difference between food and garbage.
They will go after both .
Remember bears are dangerous animals.
They are very fast and very strong. Be
safe. Don't be sorry!

Discuss the meaning of the
words and phrases below

do’s and don’ts

run into

wander off

Try using attract, resemble and run into in your own sentences. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________



Read the sentences and complete the tasks below. Then discuss your answers and read the Form charts to check them.
c. Most bears do not attack cars.
d. Lie still and be quiet.

a. Bears are dangerous animals.
b.Do not climb a tree.

Underline the verbs. Circle the subjects. Which sentences do...
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