Process Analysis Essay : How to Cope with Breakups

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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How to Cope With Relationship Break-ups
Humans are born with the need for affection. Thus, the loss of love always has a tremendous consequences to mankind. According to, National Crimes Records Bureau in India reported that at least ten people commit suicide everyday with relationship problems.("Love affair triggers more suicides than poverty, unemployment", 2008)s. A sample case of a 17-year-old girl who sent her final text to her boyfriend before she hanged herself from the tree was just one dreadful example. (SWNS Reporter, 2010). Additionally, extreme distress from break-ups can actually trigger heart failure known as Broken Heart Syndrome.(Derrick,2009) Heart-broken people who lost their self-esteem and their hopes are prone to both situations.(Ittner,2010) For kind of trauma, it is vital that to know how it developed, what are factors that cause heartbreak and several steps to keep out of heartbrokeness in order to help the individuals to reduce their pain.

People who are experiencing break-up can apply the stages of death theory to explain the symptoms characteristics.(Durayappah, 2011) First, they feel shock and deny the problem they faced, followed by pain and guilt. The heart-brokens suffer from this stage by feeling mental pain and physical pain. They tend to feel guilty about the things they have done in the past which gradually led to a break up. The next step is anger and bargaining. The individual tries to find the way to make their lovers come back and question why they have to be apart. The following step is period of depression. The feeling happens when individuals finally accept their loss. Furthermore, depression also causes a person to have mental pain, changes in eating and sleeping habits, loss of interest, isolation from families and society. (Tartakovsky,n.d.)Intense depression may lead individual to suicide.(Ittner, 2010) After they accept the loss, they will realize that they can live without their...
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