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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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English 101
24 October 2012
How to Paint Nails
Learning to paint your nails properly can be a fairly easy process. All you need are some nail tools in order for you to paint your nails. Following these instructions will help your nails look wonderful. Preparing your nails for nail polish can help them look more polished and clean. Make sure you wash your hands and underneath your fingernails. In order to prepare your nails you need fingernail clippers and a nail file. Begin by using the fingernail clippers to make them all the same size depending on your preference. Then, use the nail file to make all of your nails the same shape. Now that your nails are clean and formed you are ready to add the polish. To start painting your nails you need to find a color nail polish that suits you. Once you have chosen your color you can begin applying the clear base coat. The clear base coat helps to prepare the nail for the polish. Once the clear base coat is applied you may move on the next step. Then, we can finally add the colored nail polish. Using upward brushstrokes, paint each fingernail completely in order to cover the entire nail. Once you have finished covering your entire set of nails proceed to wait and let them dry for about two minutes. When your nails have dried you can apply a second coat to them for maximum coverage. Once again, let your nails dry completely before starting the next step. After your nails have dried you need to apply a clear top coat to help keep the polish from chipping. Finally, let your nails dry until you can touch them without paint getting on your finger. If you have followed all of these steps then your nails must look great. If you want to remove the polish at any given time use nail polish remover sold at most drug stores. Make sure to read this once again the next time you decide to paint your nails.
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