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Process Essay
Tully Fowler
Brown Mackie College

A modern hospital or clinic is filled with high-tech equipment, designed to support patients' vital systems or provide physicians with diagnostic imaging. Installing, maintaining, calibrating, upgrading and repairing this equipment is the work of medical equipment technicians, also called biomedical equipment technicians or biomedical engineering technologists. New technicians typically enter the field with an associate degree in biomedical engineering technology from a college or community college ( In this paper I am going to elaborate on the process it takes to become a biomedical equipment technician. It is a fairly short road to travel for such a rewarding career.

Step one would be to take as many science and advanced mathematics courses as possible in high school to lay a good foundation for your college courses ( You will have to take quite a few of these types of courses in college. Having this knowledge fresh in your mind will give you an advantage upon entering the college you choose to pursue your degree in. Having an upper hand in college is a nice way to look at this piece of advice.

The second step on the road to becoming a BMET is to enroll in a two-year associate degree program in biomedical engineering technology or electronics technology ( Complete the degree program, which typically includes hands-on lab experience in maintaining and repairing medical equipment. Course work centers around the necessary scientific and electronic knowledge, human anatomy and physiology, and information technology. Many schools provide internship experiences for their students in local hospitals to provide sufficient hands-on training (

Step three in this process is to apply to workplaces such as hospitals, clinics, equipment manufacturers or providers of equipment-maintenance services. It may be difficult to find...
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