Problems of Tourism

Topics: Tourism, Dubai, England Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Problems of Tourism:
In the present scenario, many countries are considered famous for its tourism. Their major source of income seems to be significantly by tourism. It does has pros and cons which has to be analysed. Countries profit by attracting people worldwide with their interesting historic monuments, man-made wonders and nature beauty. The economy of the country increases by means of transportation tariffs, cost of accomodation and food etc for the visitors. The fame and preciousness of the places are spread worldwide attracting many more tourists. It does gives employment opportunities for the localites. To site an example, Dubai is one of the popular tourist sites of the world. It was considered as just a desert, but it earns more with its attractions like Burj Dubai, a man-made tallest building turned the world's attention. It does has ancient historic museums, malls, 7 star hotels too. However, there are disadvantages caused by the tourists. One of the most important problems will be the damage caused to the tourist spots like ancient signatures by the visitors. Secondly, they spoil the culture of the local society. Additionally overcrowding does prevail due to more number of foreigners. Moreover, the tourist spot becomes the point of attack for the terrorists and cause disaster to the country. Though there are problems encountering with the tourism, still countries welcome the visitors to improve their financial status. So it is the duty of the local government to promote policies and restrictions on tourism to provide safety for its people.
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