Current Issues in Tourism

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Identifying a certain sector of Tourism Industry that should be develop and proper allocation of budget is one of the biggest problems we are facing. Because some people in charge are just wasting the budget in unplanned projects. The proposed budget is not enough to support the needs of the Tourism Industry. People in charge are not only the one who will take the responsibility of improving and developing our country into more palatable when it comes to Tourism Marketing. We all need to work. People in a certain community should learn how to market their beautiful tourist spot and securing the safety of the tourist with the help of the municipal government is a necessity. POSITIVE EFFECTS

If the proposed budget will be approved:
1.The money will be allotted to different sectors of Tourism Industry and if that is contributed evenly many Improvement and Infrastructure development will be conducted. 2. If there will be improvement and development there is a need of employees that could make it possible thus, there will be a employment opportunities. 3. This project will boost the income of our economy by the contribution of the DOT through the expenses of the tourist while staying in our country. 4. Developing also preserving the heritage of our country in the same way. 5. Will increase the investors that help to improve local economy. 6. Increase tax revenues

Based on my article only;
1. Tourism economic dependence country, if there’s no tourist no income. 2. When areas grow in population as a result of the project negative changes can take place. Tourist become the target of the thieves, crime and violence will increased 3. Unpeaceful area, Prostitution and hostility.
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