Pro-Life: Abortion is Illegal

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Pro-Life: Abortion is Illegal
Abortion is one of the biggest controversies throughout the United States at this time. Abortion should only be legal in certain cases such as rape or sexual assaults. If a woman chooses to have unprotected sex, then she should have to accept the consequences of becoming pregnant. There are many other options such as adoption and so forth if a baby is not wanted. Abortion should remain illegal unless there is a proven case of rape or an act(s) of sexual assaults. It can be very dangerous to a woman. It can cause future complication in pregnancies, mental health problems, high risks of infections and even breast cancer. It is also morally and ethically wrong to perform an abortion just because a women wasn’t ready for conception or she did not use protection. There are many more options if a woman is not ready for a child. Abortion should not be the answer. Part I: Argument

Abortion should remain illegal in all cases accept for those involving proven cases of rapes or sexual assaults. “Typically, people on both sides of the abortion debate accept the premise that most women who become pregnant through sexual assault want abortions. From this “fact,” it naturally follows that the reason women want abortions in these cases is because it will help them to put the assault behind them, recover more quickly, and avoid the additional trauma of giving birth to a “rapist’s child” (Reardon, 2004).

This should be the only scenario in which abortion is legal. There needs to be proof behind a rape as well so no girl can claim she was raped just to receive an abortion. There is special testing for rape victims including collecting tissue from the unborn fetus or from a woman’s vaginal area. This needs to be proven in the court of law. If the testing came back negative for rape, it should remain illegal. Some women do not believe in abortions and believe that this pregnancy is fate or God has a plan for the woman and her child. The choice of abortion in sexual assault cases should be left to the woman to decide what she thinks is best, but it should be legal. Abortion should be made legal in sexual assault cases if the woman choses to do so. There should be testing to ensure that it was a sexual assault case so that other women who are engaging in unprotected sex cannot claim it was rape to receive an abortion. There are other options such as adoption and so forth for a mother who feels that she is not able to take care of a child or just simply does not want it.

Abortion should be illegal because it not only is a very dangerous procedure, it is also not fair to harm an unborn child or morally acceptable. If a woman gets pregnant unexpectedly or does not want a child abortion should not be a solution. There are many risks and dangerous possible outcomes of abortions such as not being able to conceive a child when a woman is ready, mental health issues, breast cancer and infections to name a few. “Of all the possible complications of abortion, psychological responses are the most difficult to assess and evaluate—far more so than mortality and morbidity statistics” (Abortion and Its Health Effects, 2001).

“There has been some discussion in recent years that abortion leads to future infertility and breast cancer. Women's concern about these conditions may have been heightened by claims made mainly by abortion opponents that abortion leads to an increased risk of, or even causes, infertility and breast cancer”(Abortion and Its Health Effects, 2001). Many complications and even deadly ones at that can occur. Abortion has several dangerous outcomes and is a very un-safe procedure both physically and mentally.

Abortion is also morally and ethically wrong. “If a woman consented to sex and/or didn’t properly use contraception, then she knew that pregnancy might result. Being pregnant means having a new life growing inside. Whether the fetus is a person or not, and whether the state takes a position on...
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