Pro and Cons of Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Philosophy of life Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Pros And Cons of abortion

Even though most pregnant mothers have a hard time choosing whether or not to get an abortion, it is generally safe and has been performed successfully before. She is the one who would be going through the actual labor of continuing pregnancy, delivering a baby, bringing it up, parenting it well, in addition to other obligations she has to do in her daily life. To get it done with little or no help from the partner and families needs a well-balanced body and mind. If no abortion is performed, it might cause serious mental problems and insecurity for the mother. When a mother has an unwanted baby, there is a more likely chance of an unhealthy relationship and that will be detrimental to the life of the child and the mother. The guilty feeling of abortion will not last as long as the struggle the mother has in her life for the next 18 years of her life. An attempt to restrict the abortions would rise not only the percentage of illegal and unsafe abortions but also the expenses of the procedure. A new law would be needed to tackle the illegal abortions and further legal hassles would have no ends. All in all, if you stop abortion, it will cause more problems than what people have started already today.

Would you end an innocent life just because of your irresponsibleness? Most of the unplanned pregnancies later turn out to be wanted. What's so bad about adoption? Choosing adoption as an alternative to abortion would give the baby its right to life. Most woman that get an abortion once, have at least one more. Infection, sepsis, recurrent miscarriages and rarely death could be the complications of abortions. Abortions can cause serious mental distress to the woman in the form of depression and guilt. Email This

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