Private Tranport

Topics: Supply and demand, Transportation, Induced demand Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: February 17, 2013

The last century has seen a huge transformation in how we travel. Technological advances mean that we can fly long distances in half the time it took fifty years ago and we now commute by train, boat, car and coach in relative comfort and safety. This section looks at the development and fire safety issues of modern day transport, highlighting the application of flame retardants for the construction and comfort of passenger travel. AIMS&OBJECTIVE

We want public transport to connect the largest number of people with work and leisure opportunities and vital public services. We try to reach those communities and social groups who do not have access to private vehicles. This can mean providing bus or Metro to an area with poor transport links, or developing new forms of transport to meet the specialist needs of some passengers.

Changing the way people travel

We plan and provide transport options that encourage people to choose public transport over their own cars to reach work and leisure activities. This ‘modal shift’ is vital if we are to reduce congestion and pollution in our crowded urban environment today and in the future.

Supporting economic regeneration

We plan the development of public transport to match the exciting economic regeneration programmes in our region. We pay for bus services to run to growing business parks and cultural quarters. Many of the largest regeneration, retail and job creation areas planned for the future of Tyne and Wear stand close to Metro lines.

Tackling climate change

By promoting sustainable travel, including public transport, car sharing. walking and cycling, we help to reduce the impact our communities have on the environment. At the same time Nexus is committed to reducing the carbon impact of its own activities and those of its suppliers, by examining every part of our operation and finding ways to reduce waste and consumption....
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