Prison Gangs

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Prison Gangs and Life for Inmates

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in prison for thee rest of your life, or even for a short period of time. In the surroundings of prisons there are certain things or certain activities that goes on such as prison gangs. Prison gangs are often known as an influential organization called the free world within a prison. Most of these prison gangs offer some type of safety for those you join them. In exchange for safety some inmates usually involve themselves in prostitution, assaults, kidnapping etc. Prison gangs aren’t just a problem on the streets, for as long as there have been gangs behind the bars.

Prison gangs are groups that are started in prison and use violence as a threat to other inmates for drug control, prostitution, power, and influence. They were first noticed in California in the 1960s. Usually a lot of gang members have a very along criminal history and might just be involved with a street gang. Most of their motives are to use the use weak and make money. Amongst many things there are rules and procedures that follow behind being in these negative and manipulative structuring of activities such as prison gangs. Prison gangs tend to display a distinct hierarchical structure. Many small prison gangs require all members to recognize their group members at all times in the organization. A way of identifying those inmates would be the drawing of the tattoo on the body which is prohibited to an existent. Prison gangs most of the time have an order and that is the system of “Blood in Blood Out”. Blood in, just means that to enter into a prison gang you have to spill one of the other opposing enemies blood in any form or fashion. Most of the time it requires murder with the occasional assault charge. Blood out in most prisons just means that in order to separate yourself from the gang you must die in resulting to one of your one killing you. This is where the power role of the organization comes into play because in everything there is always a leader you have to direct the path of others to keep something functioning. A single inmate who best embodies the gang’s value assumes the rule of the leader. For the time a leader plays his or her role in prison gangs are short. The reason why this happens is because of the prisons systems ability to relocate inmates. The leadership process is a very simple procedure that enlightens the prison gang’s train of thought.

The process is usually assembled by the strongest remaining gang member or elite counsel of decisions. The degree of the influence is usually ranked by criteria. What they mean in rank or criteria is the amount of disturbance they can cause to become more popular or better known around the prison. There are certain acts of violence that must be committed to even be in association with gangs. You must be at war with the opposing gang ambers meaning any other affiliated groups that are on the opposite side. Ranks and affiliation plays a huge role being a member of a prison gang.

As in many group affiliations there are rules and regulations that should be maintained such as loyalty and oath. Each member takes these oaths and loyal obligation to the gang. If there are any signs of distrust or defiance it will lead to a violent confrontation from some of the other gang members leading to ignitiation. Ignitiation is a violent act of physical harm to a person or person’s. Some states have thought up a resolution to the gang leadership process within the prison facilities. In Arizona the attempt to discourage the maintenance of prison gangs is to deport gang leaders to other facilities across the country. If they are deported to other facilities elsewhere then the professed would find themselves in members of racial minority.

One of the reasons for gang membership is due to the exposure and recommended protection. In this case the professed would have no other alternative but to be hard pressed to...
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