Gang Violance

Topics: New York City, Gang, Los Angeles Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Andrew Wojtowicz
Research topic =Gang Violence
“Gangs are prominent in the larger cities and urban areas in the United States, in prisons and jails while many branches of the original gang are present in small towns and suburbs. American gangs originated in New York City and Chicago and the surrounding areas. The gangs competed with one another for various reasons, such as during the prohibition era for control of illegal drinks, and would often beat or even murder an opposing gang member for attempting to sell or distribute illegal liquor on their "turf". This resulted in retaliation and eventually a "war" between the opposing gangs. In current usage, it typically denotes a criminal organization or else a criminal affiliation. In early usage, the word gang referred to a group of workmen. (O'Deane, Matthew D-2010).”

“In the United Kingdom, the word is still often used in this sense, but it later underwent pejoration. The word gang often carries a negative connotation; however, within a gang which defines itself in opposition to mainstream norms, members may adopt the phrase as a statement of identity or defiance.(O'Deane, Matthew D-2010).”

“Our issue is about stopping gang violence. This is a problem in our neighborhood because people are always getting shot. Gang violence is a big issue, many people die of gang violence almost every day. We say that because almost every day of the week there is a gang fight and in the fights most of the members get shot and die. One of the main reasons gang violence is important to us is because it causes death. It has also spread all around the US. The most common places are Washington Heights in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. The children of today are our people of the future”. ( KiaraKatherine).”

“The gang violence is also coming in to schools and we don’t feel safe anymore. We asked some of our classmates “What do you think about gang violence in Washington Heights?” Some of our classmates responded, “Gang...
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