Triad Gangs

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Gang Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Criminology 21 26/11/12 Andrew Quejano
Prof. Crystal Rodriguez
Title: The Origin of Asian and Chinese Gangs in Chicago's Chinatown Attention Getter: “I shall walk into a path with no return, with full of rules to die”, 我將走入道路沒有回歸以充分規則死 * Reveal Topic: I will tell you some important factors about the Triads, I would explain what are they? Brief history about Chicago’s Chinatown, types of crimes committed, how we identify them, Research, Crime Theories related to Triads and lastly my critique about them. Transition: Let’s start with what Triad is and a brief history about Chicago Chinatown. * (MP1) A. According to T. Wing a British journal in Chicago - The Triads are an underground society of organized criminals that has been going on since the Qing Dynasty in Mainland, China. * (MP1) B. According to Times World article about American Triads is that after the fall of the corrupted Ch’ing Dynasty: Asian people began to migrate to the west to find a better living standard. Chinese began to settle in Chicago in the 1840’s. Most of the immigrants work in Gold Mines, Railroads and Labor. Chicago Chinatown was the first town that Asians could live in which their cultures and traditional values were upheld. Also, they’re gangs. Transition: Let’s see what type of crimes are committed, now it’s time to know how to identify them. (MP2) Triad gangs use marks, scars and tattoos (indicators) to show other members as well as non-member that they are “down for the gang” and involved in criminal activity. According to Walker’s article about Gang or Us, Those scars, marks and tattoos can be intimidating to victims as well as the general public. Every gangs or criminals have different group IDs to identify themselves but how do we identify a Triad member? A. We can identify them by their tattoos.

B. We can also identify them by their cigarette burnt marks from their...
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