Principles of Small Group Communication

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion law, Childbirth Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: December 11, 2012
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Summary:   If a woman arrives to the decision to have an abortion, nothing will change her mind. Therefore, the option of a legal abortion should be available to her as it eliminates the chance of an illegal means of berriding of her unborn child. `Backyard abortions', as they are often referred to, can be extremely dangerous. The high risk of illegal abortions would not be a problem if legal abortions, carried out by professional doctors, were more readily available.


The age old question regarding abortions whether or not it is the right solution to any pregnancy. But such a question is extremely general, as the circumstances of the individual situations should be taken into account and such a serious matter should not be generalized. How can simplicity be incorporated into such a complex issue? Sometimes one's moral beliefs overpower the rest, and this often results in unnecessary views being misleading to others. A prime example of this is referring to abortion as murder- this is fiction rather than fact as murder is the act of killing a human life, and abortion doesn't deal with a complete human life, but rather with a feotus. Thus, nobody's life is being taken away as life, technically, begins at birth. It is unfair to condemn those who are in favour of abortion because nobody has the right to judge another's choice regarding the issue. To enforce your personal views upon another on the topic and to either force them into agreeing with your viewpoint for or against abortion is an infringement of one's individual rights.

From the moment a female finds out she is pregnant, there are a number of options for her to take, and all of these choices should be available to her, regardless of what anybody else believes. People argue that it is immoral and completely unethical to even consider ending a so-called 'life'. But in making this statement they are failing to take...
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