Prime Minister of India

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  • Published : September 28, 2010
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The Prime Minister is the most important and powerful executive of the state. He can be called the ruler-of the state. He is the head of the Council of Ministers and all the powers of the President are actually exercised by the ministers. He can rule the country in a way which he thinks the best. He is the architect of the fate of state. Appointment

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President but while doing so the President is not having a free hand. Only that person can be appointed to the office of the Prime-Minister who is the leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha. After the General Election the President invites the leader of the party which has gained majority in the Lok Sabha to form the Government. If no political party gets an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha even then the President is not free to appoint anybody the Prime-Minister. Under such circumstances only that person will be invited to form the Government who can seek the co-operation of the majority of members in the Lok Sabha & can prove his majority on the floor of Lok Sabha within the stipulated period. Tenure

The Prime Minister does not have a fixed tenure of office. He remains in office till that time so far as he enjoys the support of the majority party. Salary
The Prime Minister gets the same salary and allowances which are paid to the members of Parliament. He also receives a constituency allowance like other MPs. In addition he gets sumptuary allowance per month. It is fixed by the Parliament from time to time Powers: Prime Minister and the Cabinet

The Prime Minister is the maker of the Cabinet. The Cabinet has no existence without the Prime Minister. He can make or unmake a Cabinet. The Cabinet performs all its functions under the control & guidance of the Prime Minister, therefore he is called the keystone of the Cabinet arch. i) Formation of the Council of Ministers- His first duty after assuming office in the formation of the Council of Ministers. He...
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