Primary and Secondary Reflection

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  • Published : July 28, 2011
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Andan, Genifer B. July 14, 2011 BM3A Philosophy

Patch Adams: Primary & Secondary Reflection

The movie Patch Adams is a true to life story of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams. The movie tells a lot of truth about life with depth. And all throughout the movie there are scenes that show both primary and secondary reflection. Primary Reflection is superficial, shallow and it reduced the person to details. The person is considering being an object which is thrown in front. Secondary Reflection is the reconquest of the unity. The person is considering being a subject which is thrown beneath. It connotes time.

The scene that stands out the most to me that illustrates both primary and secondary reflection is the scene where Patch help Rudy go to the bathroom. Patch makes a huge effort to make Rudy go to the bathroom, because he thinks that there are a lot of squirrels in their room in a mental institution. Patch even play a role of killing those superficial squirrels and after killing them all that is the only time that Rudy go to the bathroom. Patch not only helps Rudy by going into the bathroom but also he realizes himself that he also wants to help other people by being a doctor. And by helping, it makes him feel good. With helping Rudy going to the bathroom he practice primary reflection and as it become deeper realizing that he want to be a doctor that is connected with his patient he then practice secondary reflection.
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