Pricing Policy

Topics: Sampling, Sample, Sample size Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Chapter : Research Methodology
Objective of the study
Sample Size
Purpose of the study
Scope of the study
Limitation of the study
Design of Questionnaire
Source of Data
Secondary Data
Primary Data

Research Methodology
Objective of the study:
To study the different models available in NOKIA handset during the study period(2011-2012). To study the satisfaction level of NOKIA handset user in Assam University during the study period.

Sample Size:
The sampling process consists of making and implementing decisions with respect to defining the population, selecting the sampling frame, selecting the sample size. The number of sampling units selected from the total population for investigation is called sample size. The design of a sample size refers a technique or procedure the researcher would adopt in selecting items from the sample.

In the dissertation entitled “satisfaction level of NOKIA Handset users among the stusent of Assam University” a sample size of 80 is selected. The sample is selected from different departments of Assam University, silchar. The sample size is selected through the convenient sampling methods.

Purpose of the Study:
The purpose of the study is to measure the satisfaction level of NOKIA Handset users among the Assam University, silchar.

Scope of the Study:
To study the focus of customer on feature, battery back-up, software compatibility and design and looks of NOKIA handset. This study will help to know the factors which are most satisfied and which have more dissatisfied influencing to buy the NOKIA mobile.

Limitation of the study:
The study suffers the following limitation
The study is restricted to the Assam University only.
The study has another limitation that it is sample specific study. The data is not collected from each and every student. The study is restricted to limited time period.
The outcome of the study is dependent upon accuracy and authenticity of the respondents in filling up...
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