Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Topics: Compatibility, Blood type, Effect Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Communicating in Groups Activity(5 points)
Chapter 9 pg 298 Activity #2
Be prepared to discuss your answers to this activity in class. A failure to discuss will result in a 0 for this assignment. Make sure the work you submit is typed and stapled.

Group and Individual Goals. Think about 2 groups to which you belong.

1.What are your task-related goals in each?

·The two groups that I am going to speak on is my chorus group that I was a part of in high school and the basketball team that I was a part of as well. As far as my chorus task it was my duty to make sure that I was being a leader and using my voice as being a soprano practically carried the whole group. As far as basketball my position was a forward I was responsible for going in and trying to get the ball to the hoop.

2.What are your social goals?

·My social goals directing to chorus was not to down someone if they couldn’t sing as good as someone else was to make them feel as comfortable as everyone else. My director made sure that each and everyone had their own particular part and my responsibility of team leader was to work with the sopranos needed work. Basketball social goals were to make sure everyone had an opportunity to be able to get court time as for the starters we never said anyone was a star player we all where star players as long as we did and gave our best. Our team molded to be happy for each other and never was unhappy for the other if they had a really god game.

3.Are your personal goals compatible or incompatible with those of other members?

·My goals could come off as both compatible and incompatible. Reason for compatible is that the members of the chorus group thought at times that I could be trying to take over or could be trying to be better than them. It is incompatible by helping the others on their voice and then they realize that I’m not trying to take over or be better I’m just trying to help them out. Basketball...
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