Pressure on Students to Get Good Grades

Topics: High school, Time, Term Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The pressure of getting good grades in school can be caused by a variety of factors. The student may be pushed too hard by the parents to do well. The student may also be haunted by a future with no education and little financial support. The immediate effect of overwhelming pressure can result in a high amount of stress, which is unhealthy for the student's physical and mental health. The pressure of earning good grades in school can be caused by the parents' desire for the child to do well and the student's fear of failing and becoming embarrassed. A student, whether at a high school or college level, may begin to feel pressure by parents to do well. Normally, the parents apply pressure upon the student in order to keep up with school and to not allow the student to fall behind. The parents do not want to see their child fail in the classroom and wind up being unsuccessful in the working world. In this case, the parents' decision to pressure their child is understandable. However, a problem arises when the parents apply excessive pressure on the student. Parents of hard working students need to encourage students to do well in school but not to badger their child to an excessive point. A student can also be pressured into getting good grades when he looks into the future and becomes worried about having a job and being able to support himself. The idea of not having enough financial gain haunts the student to a point where he will force himself to do well in school and stress himself at the same time. One of the immediate effects of a student feeling too much pressure to get good grades is a high stress level. Once the amount of school work builds to an excessive amount, the student will feel discouraged and overwhelmed by the prospect of having to finish a large amount of material in a short amount of time. A large amount of work can lead to the student having little or no free time, which also attributes to the inability for the student's stress level to...
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