Presidents of the Philippines

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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BSCA 2-2March 6, 2013

Presidents of the Philippine Republic
President| Birthday| Native Land| Term of Office| AKA/ Alias| Distinction| Greatest Achievement/ Legacy| Downfall| Cause of Death| Remarks| 1. Emilio Aguinaldo| March 22, 1869| Kawit, Cavite| January 20, 1899–April 1,1901| Heneral Miong| * He was the youngest (at age 28) to have become the country's preside * The longest-lived former president (having survived to age 94)| * Gained the freedom of the Philippines from the Spaniards. * The Philippines’ first President| * The invasion of the Americans| (February 6, 1964 )Coronary thrombosis| * He is still a good president of the Philippines even though there are lots of controversies about him. He did his best to protect his people from the invaders.| 2. Manuel L. Quezon| August 19, 1878| Baler, Aurora| November 15, 1935-August 1, 1944| Nonong| * He is the president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines| * Father of the National Language * He appears on the Philippine twenty peso bill| | (August 1, 1944)Tuberculosis | * He did a great job to improve the economy. | 3. Jose P. Laurel| March 9, 1891| Tanauan, Batangas| December 4, 1942 – October 14, 1943| JPL| * The puppet president of the Philippines. He was controlled by the Japanese in heading the country| * He was selected, by the National Assembly, under vigorous Japanese influence, to serve as President.| * He violated his Oath of Office and headed an illegal government of the Philippines.| (November 6, 1959)Unspecified| * I cannot say that Laurel is a good leader in the country because there are many wrong doings that he did. He was also been accused as a traitor.| 4. Sergio Osmeña| September 9, 1878| Cebu City, Cebu| August 1, 1944-May 28, 1946| SO| * The first Visayan  to become President of the Philippines.| *...
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