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Education of males and females in the same school. A modern phenomenon, it was adopted earlier and more widely in the U.S. than in Europe, where tradition proved a greater obstacle to its acceptance. In the 17th century Quaker and other reformers in Scotland, northern England, and New England began urging that girls as well as boys be taught to read the Bible. By the later 18th century girls were being admitted to town schools. By 1900 most U.S. public high schools and some 70 of colleges and universities were coeducational. Pioneering institutions in the U.S. included Oberlin College, Cornell University, and the University of Iowa. In Europe the Universities of Bologna and London and various Scandinavian institutions were the first to open their doors. Other European countries adopted coeducational policies after 1900, and many communist countries instituted strong coeducational programs.

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There was a time in India when women were not considered as fit for education and were confined within the four walls of the house. Later separate schools for female education were set up and today are the days of co-education. Co- education system means that both the boys and girls study in the same schools. As compared to separate schools for girls, co-educational system is far better because of a number of reasons. When girls study in a co-educational system they gain much more confidence as compared to the girls studying in only girl’s school. This is because of the reason that studying in the same schools as boys makes a girl feels that she is not behind a boy in any single field. Some girls are not treated equally in their family and social environment. When they are treated equally by their teachers and fellow students in a co- educational school, they understand the fact that even they are equally capable to men and can walk successfully in every field of life. In a few cases the girls who study in schools that are only meant for female education have less confidence in talking to men as compared to the girls who have gained education from the co-educational institutions. It is a possibility because when they do not mix up with boys from a young age, they are at times shy and withdrawn whenever they come into contact with the male members in the society. From the point of view of the boys the co-educational system is the best. The boys who study with girls in the same schools from a very early age learn the value of women and the importance of giving due respect to women in every walk of life. Moreover, their male-ego is also not developed from a very young age they witness the fact that girls are as capable as boys in every walk of life and sometimes girls are more capable than boys. When both boys and girls study together in the same environment they understand the fact that in order to be successful in all the walks of life, in order for a nation to be successful, it is essential that men and women should walk hand in hand and co-operate with each other for their own development and for the development of state and society as a whole. India is still a conservative society on the larger scale and still parents are interested in sending their children to separate educational institutions because they feel that a girl is more secure if she does not study in a co-educational institution. It is essential on the part of these parents to understand that proper development of their female and male child both is possible only if they study in a co-educational system of education. If India needs to develop, studying of both boys and girls in a co-educational institution is essential.

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