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Topics: Difference, Education, Learning Pages: 2 (269 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Shagufta Sher Ali
GN: 10061
Title: coeducation vs. separate education system
Introduction opening statement:
There are two way of getting education one is Co-education system, and the other is separate education system .although they both are the source of getting education but have differences. Thesis statement:

There are many reasons why Co education is better than separate education. However these both are ways of getting education, yet it has difference too Theme 1
Topic sentence
The first similarity between coeducation system and separate education system is their purpose of foundation. * (Aspect A)

* Aspect B)

* Theme 2
Another similarity in coeducation system and separate education system is that the subjects and faculty were same. * (Aspect A)
* (Aspect B)
* Theme 3
Topic sentence
The first difference is that coeducation improve communication skills, personality, postures and gestures, way of talking and also thinking (Aspect A)
* (Aspect B)
* Theme 4
Topic sentence
The next difference between coeducation and separate education is that co-education is very important because it help to remove shyness and also learn more about the opposite sex. * (Aspect A)

* (Aspect B)
* Theme 4
Topic sentence
The last difference is that it increases Confidence level.
* (Aspect A)
* (Aspect B)
* Conclusion
Restating of thesis and the differences

In conclusion, these are two ways of education system there are remarkable differences between them as coeducation increase the confidence level, communication skills and remove fears. Though the purpose of foundation, subjects and faculty are similar in both education systems.

Evaluation: opinion
In my opinion Coeducation is good for boys and girls because both can express their talent efficiently in any place.
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