Premarital Sex and New Diseases

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  • Published : April 27, 2009
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PMS of Filipino Youth in the Philippines

Premarital Sex and Emotional Baggage

[pic]I always warn students about the emotional consequences of premarital sex. Unlike the physical consequences (pregnancy, etc), emotional consequences happen 100% of the time. They are an unavoidable part of sexual intimacy outside of God’s will. One of these consequences is emotional baggage. I’ll explain this: I’ve done some research and had some frank discussions with some of my (male) friends who engaged in premarital sex. Here’s what I’ve learned: their past sexual relationships followed them into their marriage bed. They visually compared their wives to previous sexual partners. Past experiences came to their mind while in bed with their spouses. As you can imagine, there’s a great deal of guilt and grief over this. They were not able to enjoy the full freedom and intimacy that comes with sexual purity. Such cases, of course, are not hopeless—many of these guys have gone on to have happy marriages. It seems time helped them heal from the past. But I’m sure all of them would have saved themselves for their wives if they could do it all over again. Think about your own life. What will you bring to your spouse on your wedding night—purity or emotional baggage? If you have saved your virginity, keep saving it for your spouse—you will not regret it. If you’ve already given it away, I advise you to make some changes and stop collecting baggage. source::

|Title of Research Study |: |Urbanization and Premarital Sex in the Philippines | |Author |: |Frias, Nuela O. | |Implementing Institution |: |Central Luzon State University...
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