The Controversial Issue of Abortion in Philippines

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion debate Pages: 13 (4355 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Chapter I
Abortion is one of the most persistently controversial issues in Philippines and in the America as well, in terms of culture and politics today. The Philippines is locked in heated debate over sex education for its people, not just in the schools but for adults. This conflict is perhaps reflective of the nation’s ambivalence over abortion. While it is often depicted as a two-sided debate, the abortion controversy is actually quite multifaceted, involving complex speculation on biology, ethics, and constitutional rights. Those who identify themselves as prolife, for example, generally contend that abortion is wrong because it kills human life, which they believe begins at conception. However, some pro-lifers grant that abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest, or when the pregnancy threatens the life or health of the mother. Those who identify themselves as pro-choice often maintain that abortion must remain legal because a woman should have the right to control her body and her destiny. But some pro-choicer also believe that there should be certain restrictions on teen access to abortion and on abortions occurring after the first trimester of pregnancy. It is reported that about 500,000 women seek abortions in the Philippines each year. Since abortion is illegal, some of the methods used are dangerous and painful. To perform abortions, midwives implement abdominal massage or insert catheters into the uterus. It is estimated that about 90,000 women then develop complications from the procedures and that 1000 die each year. There is even controversy over the totality of abortions being banned in the Philippines. The UN said in this decade that it was legal only when the life of the woman was in danger it appears though, as often is the case with Philippine law, there are other laws that basically negate that exception. With the exceptions unclear, the law is a total ban for practical purposes. The complex ethical and legal debate over abortion shows no sign of abating as activists, legislators, and judges continue to ponder if and when the procedure should be regulated. Abortion: Opposing Viewpoints explores this and several other contentious issues in the following chapters: Is Abortion Immoral? Should Abortion Rights Be Restricted?? The authors in this anthology present compelling arguments concerning the morality, accessibility, purpose, and effect of abortion. Objectives of the study

Abortion becomes a social problem when women use it as an easy way out of things. This research paper try to tackle about abortion and its effect to the mother who doing an abortion. The purposes of this study are to know:

1.Why do women have abortions?

2.What are the emotional after – effects that women go through after they have an abortion?

3.What are some alternatives to abortion?

4.Is abortion immoral?

5.Should abortion right be restricted?

Chapter II: Literature Review
Literature on Objective 1
There are probably as many reasons for abortions as there are women who have them. Some pregnancies result from rape or incest, and women who are victims of these assaults often seek abortions. Most women, however, decide to have an abortion because the pregnancy represents a problem in their lives. (Bankole et al. 1998, 1999) Some women feel emotionally unprepared to enter parenthood and raise a child; they are too young or do not have a reliable partner with whom to raise a child. Many young women in high school or college find them pregnant and must choose between continuing the education they need to survive economically and dropping out to have a baby. Young couples who are just starting their lives together and want children might prefer to become financially secure first to provide better care for their future children. Sometimes people enter into a casual sexual relationship that leads to pregnancy with no prospect of marriage. Even if the sexual relationship...
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