Pregnancy Among College Students

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A Research Proposal

Presented to

The Faculty of the College of Nursing

Our Lady of Fatima University

In the Fulfillment of the

Requirements of the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Ariel A. Abeleda

Laarnie S. Chan

Cristy A. Laureta

Joan R. Mapilis

Kierwin P. Mariano

Ralph Roger R. Nicolas

Justin Jake C. Ortega

Maridel P. Placido

Archie P. Santos

BSN 3Y3-11


The Problem and It’s Background


The first and known systemic sign of the existence of a variable embryo prior to implantation is the presence of a lymphocyte modifying activity which is detectable in maternal serum within hours of fertilization. The study of this so called “early pregnancy factor” activity has generated considerable interest in the field of reproductive biology due not only to the potential to develop, extremely early methods of pregnancy detection but also to monitor embryo viability prior to implantation.

An objective assessment of the basic observation can only be interpreted as “EPF” activity expression being due to the action of a complex system. As such a new paradigm has been proposed by Clarke to explain the capacity of pregnancy. Briefly, it has been proposed that all blood serum contain inherently active low molecular weight moieties, and in addition possess the capacity to stimulate the production of even more when applied to the lymphocytes to the rosette inhibition assay.

The present studies extend this model by defining the role of thioredoxin in the “EPF” phenomenon with site directed the production genetic change studies determining the molecular features of the thioredoxin molecule required for its action in the rosette inhibition test of a substance to find out the chemicals.

Instead this study have pin- pointed cysteine 72 as being of particular importance and that this residue must be reduced and protected from oxidation for thioredoxine to function in its regulatory role. Indeed, mutants lacking an intact cysteine 72 were shown to have an inhibitory effect, counteracting the ability of wild type thioredoxine to allow for the induction. Consequently, those studies indicates possible differences which may occur between the active forms of thioredoxine that are present in pregnancy blood serum and the inactive forms present in non-pregnancy blood serum.

Since, teen mothers are more disadvantage, on average their than same age counterpart. Teenage pregnancies are often associated with an increased rate of delinquent behavior including alcohol and substance abuse.

To begin with, majority of them belong to the low income group. Teenage births are associated with lower annual income for the mother, 80% of who eventually rely on welfare.

In the US, seven out of ten teen mothers complete high school, but they are less likely to go to college when compared to women who delayed child bearing. They are also more likely to drop out of school with only about one- third able to obtain high school diploma.

With early termination of formal education comes a limited employment opportunity. However, they have the response responsibility of having to find for their children before they even ever planned to. In hiring, an employer may lean toward someone without a child versus someone who is at ready with one just because there are more chances of absences with the latter when her child becomes sick.

They also face greater financial difficulties and martial conflict. With a lower capacity for earning and less emotional maturity, relationships are under more stress for breaking. Young unmarried mothers also face social stigmas that can have harmful psychological and social impact.

Children of teen mother also face negative health, cognitive and behavioral outcomes. This may result from lack of maturity and emotional...
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