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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Bang College of Business

MKT 3213: Public Relations
Spring 2013

Assignment 1

Theories of PR and its application
Student’s name: Mananbayeva Aliya
ID 20090077
Professor: Chung Kim

Every theory is the reflection of reality, it enables people both to understand and confirm it. Public relation theories are a set of assumptions that help to understand the whole process and its possible effects. It guides person through a different ways of understanding. In public relations theories help to understand how the whole system of relations work, because theoretical knowledge is very important for every professional whether he/she is a doctor or public relations practitioner. For many years before, public relations practitioners were not using any theories or following any guidelines until experienced public relations practitioner James E. Grunig in association with Thomas Hunt developed theories that created an enormous value. The theories of public relations made its practitioners more professional and ethical.

In general, theories of public relations are divided into two major groups: communication theories and system theories. Communication theory is based on models of communication. There are four basic elements of communication: sender, message, medium and receiver. Earlier model of communication is one-way communication while the latest are two-way asymmetric and two-way symmetric models. In traditional one-way communication model the process is quite simple: the message goes from sender to receiver. In modern two-way communication model the sender also plays role of receiver and vice versa. This is he first type of communication models. According to Grunig’s theory there are four models of public relations. Public practitioners believe that this models represent evolution of the science, concluding with the modern two-way theories. The first two types are based on one-way communication: press...
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