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Our PR consultancy project was pitched to an employee of Vision Buxton on the 28th November that outlined all of the aspects of which our organization wished to put forward to the company. In it, we covered several sections to improve including; * The role of PR for Vision Buxton

* Proposed plan of action
* Timeline for tasks
* Student Membership potential
* Research methods
* Website update/overhaul
* The use of social media
* The advertisement for the company
* Press Releases
My specific task within our organization was to look at the website that Vision Buxton already had at their disposal and to see how I could utilize it correctly so that it fitted in with our objective for this campaign. The website is located online at and is hosted/created by both TurnStone Web Design & ImgWebDesign Ltd. Turnstone Web Design are an independent design company who ‘build attractive and highly functional websites for business customers.’ a claim that interestingly enough is backed up on their website by the previous director for Vision Buxton JWG Preece. This is an outdated quote from an old member of the company, so it is fitting that our organization feels that Vision Buxton’s website is in need of a long-overdue revamp. Whilst I recognize that Vision Buxton are aiming to promote and bring local businesses together, I can’t help but feel that their insistence on using two local companies (who aren’t members of Vision Buxton) to design their website has backfired somewhat.

The two companies which helped produce the website are not members of the company. The reasons why I felt the current website is not being used to it’s full potential are numerous; below is a screenshot of the Vision Buxton website.

As soon as the website loads, you are greeted with a picture of the most iconic building in the town plus a paragraphed summary titled ‘What is Vision Buxton?’. With relatively simple themes and colours, the website comes across as bland, boring and unimaginative – it would almost certainly not draw new business to join the company. After our meeting with Zoe Mellen (Administrator and our initial point of contact) she revealed to us that all of the current members receive e-mails monthly with updates, half of which are ‘never opened at all’. If the current members of the company don’t open the e-mails, then the chance of new members joining are fairly slim. Where does the problem lie? From my point of view, I feel the majority of the blame lies with the outdated layout and drabness of the website.

I initially recognized how plain and office-like the website came across. The colour theme of the website is an odd choice considering the brightness and clarity of the large picture which is the foremost focal point of the website. Furthermore, the picture has very little to do with what the company are offering it’s members – even more alarming is how ironic the fact that there is an image of our University when there is no membership packages for students. Being 10% of the population of Buxton, Vision Buxton appear to have completely neglected the student demographic. Instead, the company chooses to try and draw in the older audience in the hope for more business member subscriptions.

Vision Buxton’s website does not comply with the modern day feel of websites in 2012; while Vision Buxton clearly has a small community of businesses in the real world, it would not hurt to create an online community in which businesses and members can communicate in the social media world. The website lacks many things, below is the picture which I put together for Zoe to have a look at during our presentation.

1. The addition of the video

The video that members of our organization have created could be the potential focal point for the website....
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