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Aquamarine swimwear already has a website with an address:

This website was first launched in early 2012 and still in the process of development until now.

Planning objective of the website are:

1. Our website will have a function as a facility for aquamarine sales transactions in which consumers can directly access the payment through credit cards with various types and also has a shopping basket function

2. Our website will have a function as a facility for providing information for people who wants to know about Aquamarine swimwear either the history, products sold, and events that will be held / attended by Aquamarine swimwear.

3. Our website will have a function as a facility for giving the information about our lookbook every season.

4. Our website will have a function as a facility to accommodate all the criticisms and suggestions from customers as some input for aquamarine swimwear

Our website has several planning the content of the website itself, they are:

1. The introduction of Aquamarine (history)
2. Company Profile
3. Look book
4. Events
5. Payment by credit card
6. Photos of products
7. Shopping cart
8. Criticisms and suggestions
9. Online chat directly with members of Aquamarine
10. Some Picture of the links widget

The Realization of our website

Explanation about our website

Aquamarine is a company that sells fashionable women’s swimwear. We have made the process of making our website since the last few months of 2011, and successfully launched our website to the Internet since early 2012. We create our website with a simple design with the purpose of keeping the customers who visit our website will completely focused on the products we offer. Our website has a link there are the home page, news, gallery, products, about, and contact us.

We have some interesting thing on our home page, we put some photos of the product and something that is "in" in the aquamarine, where photos can be switched itself automatically every few seconds. Below is the screen capture of our home page:


We use ‘news’ menu to provide information to our customers about things and events that we have or we will follow or held. Like for example for now we already follow Pop Up Market held by PMBS, we give the information about clearance sale, and the event we are going to held at the end of this month that is Pool Party as our season 2 launching event. Below is the screen capture of the “news” menu:


Our gallery menu gives the information to our customer about the lookbook of each season. Below is the screen capture of our gallery menu:


On the product menu we give the information to our customer about our products with the photos and the price, and if there’s any discount we’ll let our customer know in this page. Below is the screen capture of the product menu:


And if customer needs further information about the product, customer just need to click the product and will follow with the information about the price, the sizes, the photos of the front, side, and back view of the swimwear, whether there’s still some stocks of the product or it’s already sold out. The screen capture is like this:


There’s also an interesting thing in this link, where if you put your cursor on the picture, there will be another picture of the detail parts of the swimwear,...
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